March 2019
Session Details
1 Training Workshop
Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy.
2 Training Workshop
Psychotropic Medication Prescription and Supervision During Pregnancy & Lactation.
3 Training Workshop
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.
4 Training Workshop
Are Personality Disorders Treatable?
5 Training Workshop
Psychometric Testing.
6 Training Workshop
Spirituality in Childhood.
7 Training Workshop
ESMH Board Meeting.
Thursday 21st
March 2019
Session Details
8 Plenary Lecture
Future of Psychiatry: Meeting The Challenges & Dispelling Myths.
9 Meet The Expert Session
● The Future of Mental Health Care.
● Overview on the Assessment and Management of Cognitive Disorders.
10 Special Symposium
Issues in Schizophrenic Spectrum Disorder

● Cognitive Functions Problems in Schizophrenia.
● Schizophrenia Prodrome.
11 Special Symposium
Leading Innovations and Approaches Towards
Treatment of Depression

● Current & Future Management of Major Depressive Disorder.
● Psychological Treatments for Depression: Current Update on Evidence and Novel Psychological Treatments.
12 Special Symposium
Child Psychopharmacology

● Pediatric Psychopharmacology in the New Millennium, What to Do, What not to Do and What to Do with Great Caution.
● The 8 Principles of Prescribing Practice in Childhood & Adolescence.
13 Special Symposium
Mental Health Care and Quality Improvement

● Quality of Life and Mental Health.
● Service User Involvement in Quality Improvement.
14 Special Symposium
Changing The Anxious Mind

● Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for Anxiety: Overview & Update.
● Anxiety Disorder: Case-based Quiz.
15 Special Forum
Young Psychiatrist Forum

● The Future of Psychiatry and the Ever Changing Dynamics of Youth Energy.
● Prevalence of Low Birth Weight in Children and Adolescents Diagnosed With Neurodevelopmental Disorders.
16 Special Symposium
Community Mental Health Care Can Make A Major Difference

● Consequences of Deinstitutionalization on Mental Health (pros & cons).
● The Psychological Services for Domestic Violence Victims.
17 Special Symposium
Indian Association of Private Psychiatry (IAPP) Symposium

● The Interface of Neuroscience and Gadget Addiction.
18 Special Session
ESMH & Arab Gulf Psychiatric Association (AGPA) Meeting.
Friday 22nd
March 2019
Session Details
19 Plenary Lecture
20 Interactive Session
Philosophy & Mental Health

● Forgiveness, Conditional and Unconditional in Human Mental Health.
● The Disordered Mind: Philosophy of Mental Illness.
21 Special Symposium
The Role Of Long Acting Injectable Antipsychotics in Schizophrenia: Critical Appraisal

● Long Acting Antipsychotic.
● Treating Mental Disorders in the Community, Benefits and Challenges.
22 Satellite Symposium
LATs Proposal: A Unique Opportunity in Schizophrenia Management.
23 Special Symposium
Bipolar Disorder: Early Intervention; Current Status

● Is Bipolar Depression a Different Type of Depression?
● Recent Advances in Genomic Research for Bipolar Disorder and its Role in this Matter.
24 Debate Session
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues

● Dilemmas in the Diagnosis and Management of Dual Diagnosis.
● Is Addiction A Choice or A Disease?
25 Special Symposium
Hot Topic in Psychiatric Research

● Use of Pattern Classification of Neuroimaging Data to Aid the Diagnosis of Affective Disorders.
● Cannabis and Psychosis: A Research Priority for Psychiatry.
26 Special Symposium
Arab Federation of Psychiatrists (AFP) Symposium

● Impact of Cognitive Dysfunction in the Middle East Depressed Patients (The ICMED Study).
27 Special Symposium
Al Jalila Children’s Hospital Symposium

● ADHD: What are the Risk Factors for this Neurodevelopmental Disorder?
● Stress and Resilience Among Caregivers of Children with Special Needs.
28 Special Symposium
Psychotic Disorder: Psychological Overview

● Counseling Demand in Zayed University: More Tolerance Towards Mental Health Stigma.
● Dealing with Mental Disorder within the Family.
29 Satellite Symposium
30 Special Session
ESMH & Indian Association of Private Psychiatry (IAPP) Meeting.
31 Closing Remarks
Wednesday 20th March 2019 Thursday 21st March 2019
Friday 22nd March 2019
ESMH Board Meeting ESMH & AGPA Meeting
ESMH & IAPP Meeting